Our first outdoor ad!

By Vinit Maniar


June 1, 2012 0 Comments

Marketing is really important for any business. After designing a wonderful product all you can do is pray and market it to everybody and hope it works! And we are no exception to this funda!

The above embedded video is of our first outdoor ad, running on DSN Global’s screens at select McDonald’s across India and suburban railway stations across Mumbai. As soon as our ad went live and friends called in to say they saw our ad I couldn’t stop myself from visiting McDonald’s. So I went there and took out my phone to record a video and waited for the ad to show up. After waiting for few minutes redanar ad came, I got excited like a kid, and shot the video of our ad! Honestly, I was very happy to see our ad and in the excitement had two burgers, fries, wedges, & a large cola! And oh I just forgot to add a chocolate soft serve!

By the time I had my meal I had seen redanar ad multiple times, but couldn’t have enough of it so spent some more time watching the ad!

Now my next visit is going to be at Cafe Coffee Day because that’s where redanar ad is going to show up next! This one’s going to be a different ad so will upload the new video pretty soon.

Meanwhile check out our ad here as well as at McDonald’s, Cafe Coffee Day, and Mumbai suburban railway stations.

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